29 Aug 2016

How to make a sashimi of sea-barramundi?

There were some short fish-bites on my lures but I haven't caught a barramundi since August 27.
Barramundi are traveling to seek the large outbreak of jelly prawn.
That is not an exception this year too.
It's not as if there are not barramundi in my usual fishing locations.
The absolute number is small in my usual fishing locations in September.
My very good fishing friends, Rommel Pineda and his brother still hooked some barramundi on live mullets at East Point recently, but they couldn't land them.
Barramundi are very cautious in my usual fishing locations now.
On the other hand, some people still caught barramundi at other places in September.
It's very difficult for me to go fishing to those places by my scooter.

By the way, I want people to enjoy the barramundi's sashimi, some people may not like raw fish.
It may be good chance for them to try barramundi's sashimi.

Dipping a live sea barramundi whose throat is just cut off in the clean seawater for 10 minutes to 20 minutes can improve  and retain the freshness and meat qualities of live sea barramundi.

Retaining freshness of fish, the esky is essential and the fish should be kept in ice.

You should use the very clean cutting board and knife having no problem on a sanitary aspect.
To prevent food poisoning make sure fish is very clean.

The fish is filleted into three piece.
The very important thing is not to wash filets too much.
You must give the filets a very quick wash with a cold water.
Otherwise, you will lose essential deliciousness required for sashimi.

I caught a 59cm barramundi and then I prepared sashimi within that day.
But I don't eat that sashimi within that day.
I let it stand overnight in fridge to obtain the better texture, to fit the tastes for sashimi.

I put a Kewpie roasted sesame dressing on sashimi with spring onions.

I've never seen any parasites in the sea barramundi in my life because I have never eaten equal or above 80cm barramundi.
A large fish is going to have those parasites.
I enjoy barramundi's sashimi very much every time.
I'd say you can't be too careful.

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