20 May 2016

Squidgy Pro Mongrel
How to plolong the life of Mongrel

I'm a "Not rich fisherman".
I often use Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm for land based fishing in my usual fishing locations.
Mongrel is one of the best lures of my fishing life.
I caught 102cm barramundi on Mongrel 90mm Drop-Bear colour and 85cm barramundi on Mongrel 90mm Aussie Herring colour by land based.
I have caught many other barramundi on Mongrel 90mm so far.
It is enough for me to say that I'm not PR staff of Squidgies.
Not only you can catch many barramundi, but you can use it many times repeatedly by strengthening a weak part of the soft-plastic body.

It prevents the soft-plastic part of Mongrel from wearing off without taking time and without damaging the soft-plastic material.

I use these above jigheads for Mongrel 90mm.
Taking a look at how to insert a jighead in the soft-plastic body of Mongrel, I can only say it is a great method.
No skill is required in setting up Mongrel with a jighead.
This jighead and soft-plastic body of Mongrel can be easily and ideally set up every time.

In addition, in order to make the positions of eyes clear and accurate on Mongrel, you can colour the eyes with permanent markers at a market.
You will gain nothing by making the positions of eyes clear and accurate on Mongrel in increasing  bites of barramundi.
However, you will gain more certain hooking of barramundi because they aim at the eyes of their bait fish.
There are exceptions to it, however.

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