18 Jul 2018

The lure to express the movement of an injured and weakened fish

I went fishing at Channel Island on the weekend.
This was the first time in awhile that we had such big tides for came to my usual fishing locations.
The seawater for barramundi's habitation is circulated and activated.
There were four guys fishing in the same water.
One of them was my good fishing friend, Cookie.
He caught two barramundi.

Cookie's 1st barramundi

Cookie's 2nd barramundi

Cookie's successful soft plastic lure.

Craigo is a friend of Cookie.
He caught a barramundi too.

Craigo's successful soft plastic lure.

Cookie and Craigo had some more barramundi's bites on their soft plastic lures.
By contrast, I had no barramundi's bite on my lures.
My pride forbids my acknowledging my defeat, though.
They were better than I was in fishing a barramundi at that time.
The truth was that I have figured out what was happening.
The situation at that time is recorded in a video movie.
From the movie it can be confirmed that the retrieving speed of my lure was slightly faster than their retrieving speed of their lures.
You can see the situation at that time on a new video in my Youtube channel 'charlietomato'.

As you know, I should have produced the irregular floating of the lure to express the movement of an injured and weakened fish.
To realize that, I schedule to use a fishing reel using a low gear ratio next time.

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