4 Sep 2017

Barramundi have left from my usual fishing locations.
That is the usual in September.
Barracuda #16

Barramundi have left from my usual fishing locations.
That is the usual in September.
I went fishing at Mindil beach on Saturday and Sunday.
I didn't have any barramundi's strikes on my lures.
I only caught and released a barracuda on Squidgies Fish 80mm.


Squidgies Fish 80mm / Black Gold / Jighead: 1/8oz  #1/0

Many people believe that barramundi become active in September because of the rise in seawater temperature.
That depends on circumstances.
But in reality, it is very difficult to catch barramundi in my usual fishing locations in September every year.
It is expected that it is crowded with new jelly-prawns at the floodplains somewhere in September.
Therefore, barramundi move from my usual fishing locations to the floodplains in the creeks somewhere in search of jelly-prawns in September.
The floodplains somewhere in September??
If I change the wording of what I wanted to say to you, it goes like this.
The flowing water and draining water along the creek banks.
That is why September is the dead season for my land based barramundi fishing.
A person who has a boat still can catch barramundi at the floodplains in the creeks and nice sized Spanish-mackerel offshore in September.
September is a not bad season in that sense.
My very good fishing friend, Allan Warchot combined theory with practice and caught and released a 51cm barramundi at the floodplain in the Buffalo creek recently.

But things are not all bad to me.
I was called out to by a person I didn't know in town.

She said that she sometimes read my fishing column in Sunday Territorian.
It was very kind of her to say so.
It made me feel very happy.
Thank you very much, Mrs. Pam Fuller.

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Thank you very much.