6 Mar 2017

Crocodiles and snakes were close to me when I realized them.

Fishing barramundi by land based is always attended with danger in Darwin.
My friends and I have  fallen and gotten injured on a fishing spot on the rocks covered with oysters.
One side of the foot that I had got stung by a stingray while fishing.

There were not very many chances to fish by land based in this monsoon season because of many rains and very wavy seas.
I still could go fishing every once in a while.
When I was wading in water around the culvert last week, I came across some snakes.
Many mangrove-snakes can be seen unequally in many mangrove-waters at this time of the year.
It is said that those snakes don't attack humans.
But they are venomous snake, though.
I tried not to carelessly step on them in the dark.
Fishing was out of the question.

Last Saturday, I went to Channel Island before the rain started.
I was standing knee-deep in the very murky water.
I searched the sea surface as far as the eye can see.
I know there are crocodiles in this location.
The one or two crocodiles were sinking and floating in turn.

After all, I lost a valuable productive fishing window because of him.
Fishing was out of the question again.
And the cloudburst made me soaking wet on the way home.
What a day!

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