30 Nov 2016

67cm Barramundi #1041
Squidgy Pro Mongrel
Queenfish #29
So-Run Heavy Minnow
Creek fishing

It's a sunny day during the rainy days.
The concentration of salt in sea water is on the track to recovery on shore.
However, the state of being windless in the morning near a seashore is not good for my land based barramundi fishing.
Cautious barramundi won't come to the mud-flat at Channel Island and rock-shallow at Mindil Beach.
So I went to the creek in East Point to fish this morning.

The water current was very strong.
I tried different types of lures in accordance with the situation of the water current.

A small queenfish took a So-Run Heavy sinking minnow 75mm/Naked-Flash in white.

Meanwhile the water current became slightly slower.
The volume of water in the creek was subsiding.
I used a Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm/Rainbow-Fish in white.
Mongrel narrowly aligned with the water current.

 November 27, 2016 / 67cm Barramundi / East Point

After all, I caught a 67cm barramundi on a white lure in colour again.
A white lure is effective for the sea water of a rainy season in colour.

The fishing line was very strongly pulled repeatedly by this fish.

So-Run Heavy Minnow 75mm/Naked-Flash Sinking
Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm Rainbow-Fish

Where: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm

Water: Murky Outgoing

Line: Toray Jigging PE 30lb

Leader line: Schneider 45LB

Knot: The FG Knot

Reel: Shimano Scorpion 1500XT

6'6" Medium power, First action, 10-17lb, 1/4-5/8oz.
Customized by Mr. Matt West (Barra Classic 2010 Champion)

Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2

Action: Twitch, twitch and jerk for So-Run Heavy Minnow
Action: Steady retrieving for Squidgy Pro Mongrel

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