13 Sep 2014

September Macks
Territory Kayak Super fisho
Mr. Aaron Geier

We love the Darwin harbor.
On the other hand, you must look out for crocodile, shark, giant cod and lots of deadly box jelly fish in the water while you are fishing, especially if you are fishing by kayak.

In addition, the tidal range is very great (more than 7 meters) in the Darwin harbor.
We must allow his bravely.

He is so far as I know, a good guy.
I know that he sometimes fights for liberty, justice, love and peace for his country.

Recently, he is well known as an intrepid pioneer of kayak fishing in our Darwin's waters.
And he is always fishing cheek by jowl with the danger of these above things.

From my experience, it should be a very good season for catching Spanish mackerel in September around Darwin.

So I asked Aaron to send me his fishing information.
I received his reply as follows,

September Macks: 

Big tides this week brought in some hot action close to Darwin. 
Close enough for some kayak fisho's to get some quality fish along the foreshore. 
A group of kayak fisho's targeted the spring hight tide, early in the morning at first light. 
Trolling and casting classics, gold bombers, maribou jigs, and metal slices around birds and reef drop off's. 

Everyone hooked up, with all sorts of fish species, Queenfish, Brassy Trevally's, and grey and spotted mackerel. 
But secretly we all wanted that big mack. 
I got lucky when I watched a nice Mack engulf my albino classic within in a few metres of my kayak. 
Which produced one of the more memorable fights I have had from the yak. 
After 2 hrs of fishing I dragged my kayak back to the car park with a nice feed of Spanish Mackerel for my family. 

4000 Shimano Stradic 30lbs braid, 30lbs mono leader 44lb singe strand wire the rod is just and old Wilson 10-20lbs spin rod.

Aaron Geier

☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! Aaron.

I also like an old Wilson rod.


Very nice Spanish Mackerel was caught by Mr. Aaron Geier in September.

Aaron is fishing cheek by jowl with the danger of Territory's hungry animals by kayak.

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Thank you very much.